Welcome to Glittersjå Mountain Farm

Close to animals and nature
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Glittersjå is open for guests every day from 11 am to 5 pm June 19th to August 29th 2021

Glittersjå Mountain Farm

Welcome to our old loghouses, green roofs, stonewalls, and the farm full of animals and people. We are open every day during the summer from 11 am to 5 pm. We can offer natural outdoor activities for both young and older. We also have a cafeteria with homemade food. Guided tour and feeding of the animals daily at 2 pm.

We are especially proud of our elks/moose. They all live inside a fence on an area of 5 hectars. Here they feed on organic pastures and in the pine forest they also find lingon- and blueberrybushes.  However every day we bring for them a big load of willow branches, which is the favourite eating for the elk/moose.

A lot to experience at Glittersjå

At Glittersjå Mountain Farm you are welcome to take part and experience different activities. Here are some of the things you might want to do when visiting us:  


In 2006 Hege Thorson Nordskar and Helge Nordskar found this remote mountain farm where no people had lived for many years. They broke up from a well established family life in Lommedalen, and started the massive project to restore and build new houses to create a unique arena for visitors and for animals here. Since 2011 an increasing number of people have found their way to Glittersjå, to experience the atmosphere, all the animals living peacefully around the old loghouses and to hear the story about Hege and Helge.

Eat and drink at Glittersjå

Homemade and fresh
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Glittersjå Mountain Farm

Close to animals and nature